Leveraging our extensive background in elite gymnastics, we bring a profound understanding of the body’s mechanics and the intricate movements essential in sports. This expertise forms the foundation of our approach to training athletes across various disciplines. At our core, we believe in thoroughly analyzing the unique demands of each sport, ensuring our training plans are not only tailored but deeply rooted in the specific needs of the discipline. Our journey transcends gymnastics, aiming to share our knowledge and passion with athletes striving for excellence in other sports. Through personalized training programs, dynamic workshops, and targeted consulting, we’re committed to unlocking your potential and guiding you towards achieving your peak performance.

Online personal training

Our online personal training program is meticulously designed to propel your physical performance to unprecedented heights. Our expert trainers are committed to guiding you towards not just meeting your current goals but surpassing the dreams you've yet to envision.

Here’s what our online personal training plan offers:

User-Friendly App: Easy access to your training plan, anytime, anywhere.

Performance Tracking: Monitor your progress with detailed performance data.

Video Feedback: Get expert analysis on your technique to refine your skills.

Periodized Training Plans: Tailored programs that evolve with you, ensuring continuous improvement.

Chat Support: Have a question? Our quick-response chat support is here for you.

Unlimited Calls: Whether it's a phone or video call, we're available to support your journey.

Monthly price:
Regular Price: 1.200 DKK / €165
Student Price: 800 DKK / €110

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